Backing the entrepreneurs
of tomorrow

We like to back entrepreneurs that

1.  Aim for strong & long-term global growth. Have a clear purpose & meaningful positive impact on the  world.

2.  Aim to be proud of not only what they achieve, but also of the way they achieve the results.

3.  Are open to feedback & ready to give it back. Desire to always improve & step outside the comfort zone.

4.  Assume the best of intentions from the actions of others. Operate openly, honestly & directly. Expect others to do the same.

5.  Have a culture low on formality & heavy on substance. Speak your mind & don't be afraid to ask "stupid" questions.

6.  Have a data driven & analysis based approach. Analytically map out the alternative future scenarios for the company & strive to understand the triggers & levers related to those scenarios.

We believe strongly that

1.  We do better work, when we have fun doing it. A meeting where we do not all laugh out loud is a miserable failure.

2.  Bad news is good news, good news is no news and no news is bad news. We believe in cultures where people are expected to quickly and openly communicate and acknowledge challenges. Be honest about bad news.

3.  Trust is the oil that reduces friction in everything we do. Creating trust needs to be a constant goal in everything we do. It requires openness, integrity and transparent communications.